Ischia Modular Sofa

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In the beginning, there were rocks, shaped by the wind and the waters, veined stones, perfectly overlaid or slotted together by nature.‎ Then, when organic shapes inspired artistic forms, we saw monoliths such as those of Barbara Hepworth and abstract paintings from Serge Poliakoff.‎ Descended from this same line is the new design by Pearson Lloyd, a modular system influenced by natural shapes and artistic allusions, destined for collective settings.‎ Ischia comprises a number of freely-combinable individual components: the seats can be single or double, and come with or without a backrest.‎ The system also offers the possibility of adding a table or a woven cane screen, to keep any given area separate and hidden away.‎ The components have an essential feel, with soft shapes and oblique lines, balanced out by the strong finishes of the wood or marble bases that connect them up.‎

This item is available in various sizes and combinations. Please enquire for more information and prices.

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  • Brand Tacchini
  • Designed by PearsonLloyd
  • Fabrication Tacchini
  • Materials Fabric Wood
  • Shipped from Italy
  • Lead time 4 weeks