Recycled Plastic

Juicy Lollipop

Environmentally friendly recycled plastic sheets. High quality panels with the lowest ecological footprint possible. Each panel is made from a single type of plastic so it can be easily recycled, extending its use indefinitely. The sheets can be used to create modern-looking environmentally-conscious furniture and interior or exterior design elements.

This pattern is special: its vibrant colours and appetising glossy finish make products that are true eye candy and that give a new beautiful and sustainable life to former single-use cutlery.

Origin: single-use plastic cutlery.

Waterproof and rot-proof. Chemical resistant. The material can be machined, drilled, cut (by CNC, woodworking sawblades, router and waterjet), sanded, heat formed, glued, and fixed with screws as well as adhesives.

Bespoke colours and patterns are available. Please see images for reference and enquire for more information.

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  • Dimensions L100 x W100 cm, L100 x W200 cm, L122 x W244 cm, L150 x W300 cm
  • Standard thickness 10mm, 15mm, 20mm (±1mm tolerance depending on plastic type)
  • Finish Glossy, Matt
  • Stiffness High
  • Scratch Resistance Medium/High
  • Moisture absorption None
  • Plastic types PS, PP, PE, PC, ABS, PETG, Acrylic