Kyoto Planter

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This unique planter is inspired by industrial Japanese landscapes alongside the perfection of concentrical rock gardens. It is hand-grown in the UK from urban wood waste and reishi mushroom mycelium, then dyed with natural dyes to achieve the rust look. Use it to bring a textural quality to a muted living space, perfect to hold succulents.

Each piece is unique according to the way the organism grows and it might change slightly over time. Items might vary slightly in colour or appearance, which we hope you see as an advantage rather than a vice!

Every item is made on request.

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  • Dimensions Ø6.5 x H9 cm
  • Brand Mykor
  • Designed by Mykor
  • Fabrication Mykor
  • Materials Wood Waste, Mycelium
  • Shipped from UK
  • Lead time 5 Weeks