Lisciato a Spatola Medio

TerraPlus is a monocomponent mortar ready for use, it is a resilient liner made of clay. Furthermore, Terraplus is a mixture of earth amalgamated with polymers in an aqueous emulsion, for attaining high degrees of mechanical resistance to abrasion and water, yet remaining permeable. In this way TerraPlus can be used to achieve continuous horizontal and vertical coverings; finishing showers and all areas in contact with water as well as coating and decorating furniture and other objects. TerraPlus can be applied to old ceramic tiles, new and old plasters and on different types of supports, such as panels and objects presenting the necessary characteristics of strength and cohesion.

TerraPlus’s colours depend exclusively on the natural colour of the earth of the different regions where the clays are collected and are not obtained by the addition of any type of pigment.

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  • Finish Matt
  • Material TerraPlus
  • Brand Matteo Brioni
  • - Made in Italy