Stories of stone and words, of fossils designed by nature, a mixture of culture and intertwining of knowledge are brought to life within the MEDITERRANEAN WEAVES collection designed by Marella Ferrera.A contemporary interpretation of the textile tradition made in Sicily that reflects the transparency and lightness of ancient embroidery, doilies, filet and macrame’ on stone creating a delicate filigree of extraordinary beauty and chromatic quality.All of Sicily is expressed in the palette of its richest stones; from the lava stone to the white Comiso stone, from the pitchstone to the Ragusa stone, from the Palermo stone to the Trapani stone.“A shared vision of the symbols of the Mediterranean ‘etched in stone’ which begin with the understanding of textiles, with a gentle hint of the baroque sculptures which then blend with the symbols of architecture.”Marella Ferrera  

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  • Finish Matt/Gloss
  • Dimensions 2.400x2.400x20 mm, 3.000x3.000x20 mm
  • Marble Bianco Carrara, Bianco Fenice, Pietra Pece, Crema Tunisi (Bespoke Available)