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Marble Vase

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The project takes advantages from the natural thermic qualities of marble and inspiration from the long-held tradition that  Carrara marble has with food. The product can maximise the use of marble wastes as each piece comes straight from the marble coring cylinders discarded by the industrial productions. The object is multi functional and allows the user to play with it and its own function. Coring cooler can be used as a tableware sculpture, a glass holder as well as a vase when the wine bottle is not in it. The marble discs can be slid off from the brass bar and reassembled again by people every time in a different way, therefore everyone can create their own unique piece playing with the nuances and the patterns inherent in every block of marble. Developed and produced during the Matter of Stuff Student Residency Program in Montalcino.

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  • Designer / Brand Guglielmo Maggini / Matter of Stuff
  • Fabrication Carrara Design Factory
  • Design Guglielmo Maggini
  • Materials White Carrara Marble
  • Date of Manufacture 2016
  • Shipped From Italy
  • Production time 8 weeks
  • Gallery Matter of Stuff
  • Dimension 30 H x 15 cm
  • Manufactured in Carrara, Italy
  • Stock Made to Order