The marble textures designed by Marco Piva are part of a vast process of renewal promoted by LITHEA. The skilful use of ancient artisanal techniques, the sophisticated visual, conceptual system combined with the amazing new technology became the starting point for the design of a product with a contemporary and typically Italian flavour.Characterised by symbolic patterns, modular surfaces are brought to life.  Light is enhanced, and colour is brought to its maximum level of purity. Archaic material and archetypes gain innovative and surprising shapes creating a unique and once in a life time product.“I have never considered marble and stone as an inert material, but as a living and reactive material, as volumes and surfaces to be moulded, engraved and textured” Marco Piva

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  • Finish Matt/Gloss
  • Dimensions 600x600x20 mm
  • Marble Bianco Carrara, Bianco Calacatta, Bianco Fenice, Crema Tunisi, Bardiglio Imperiale,Grigio Tunisi, Grigio Billiemi, Nero Marquinia, Nero Portoro, Marrone Emperador, Pietra Pece (Bespoke Available)