Metal Coatings

Materico Industrial Oxidised Effect Varnish

2k two-component varnish able to give every support (prepared with specific primers) made on iron, pickled iron, zinc iron, steel, stainless steel, zama, brass, bronze, aluminum, aluminum alloys, silver, galvanised metals, ABS, polycarbonate, polyurethane, charged nylon, plexiglass, complex plastic polymers, fiberglass, MDF and wood, composite materials, stones, the aspect of the natural metal oxidations. Characterised from an alive tactile and aesthetic aspect, they do not present themselves like flat and uniform varnishes, but like real natural oxidations worked by the time, applicable also on those materials which due to their chemical and physical nature cannot get oxidised through time.

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  • Collection Materici
  • Code 14733
  • Use Indoor, Outdoor
  • Materials applied on Metal, Plastic, Wood
  • - Made in Italy