Mellow Daybed

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MELLOW DAYBED is a daybed and seating opportunity all at once and also doubles up like a chaise longue that invites you to spend time. Its soft back pillow and upholstered roll offer comfort for sitting or reclining alike. Slim material profiles, fine lines, a delicate frame and soft upholstery materials as well as a nifty bend leather cording in the back part are the hallmarks of this daybed.

The mellow daybed is available in white oiled ash, oiled oak, colour stained oak, oiled American cherry, oiled American walnut and oiled European walnut with integrated slatted base SILENT.

The mattress and headboard can be upholstered - removable covers. The upholstered role is not removable. The upholstered headboard is filled with duck down, with a foam core for additional stability. The upholstered role comes in L65 x Ø16 cm.

Mattress size comes in L150 x W70, L170 x W70 cm. The armrest right or left option is available at an additional charge.

Back: Lacing of bend leather straps in the back element, leather straps are the same colour in the back element and in the cushions. Colours leather straps: natural, dark brown, pastel red, pastel smoke blue, grey Available in vegan alternative to leather strap upon request.

For colour stained oak and upholstery options, please refer to the catalogue.

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Request Information
  • Dimensions L178,198 x W75.2 x H64 (without cushion), seat height 42 cm
  • Brand Zeitraum
  • Designed by Formstelle
  • Fabrication Zeitraum
  • Materials Solid Wood, Fabric, Leather
  • Shipped from Germany
  • Lead time 6-8 weeks