Jan Garncarek Design

Metropolis Table Lamp

Designed By Jan Garncarek

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is a lamp created as a result of my fascination with the possibilities offered by the metallurgy. The lamp exposes what is most beautiful in brass. Here I see the beauty in two different forms. The first are various types of dishes or shields. Their phenomenon is the occurrence of irresolvable forms. The flat sheet is flaccid and prone to deformation. Only after its extrusion and giving its sphericity, it gains its constitutionality. The second form are the heavy machine parts, simple and perfectly matched "geometries". Metropolis is a clash of both of these fascinations. The lamp is made by hand with a full brass, using traditional methods of metalworking, as well as other methods, slowly fading into obscurity. An example of which are the plates executed by metal spinning method.

Subtle differences between products are results of hand crafting.

Thanks to the natural properties of brass, lamp will receive an elegant patina finish.

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  • Dimensions L52 x W25 x H81 Cm
  • Brand Jan Garncarek Design
  • Designed By Jan Garncarek
  • Fabrication Jan Garncarek
  • Materials Full Brass
  • Shipped From Poland
  • Lead Time 8-10 weeks