Milton Folding Deckchair

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The rich Milton collection is particularly loved by those in search of traditions that extol the sinuous shades of teak wood, creating tasteful, timeless atmospheres.

Faithful reproduction of the armchairs on the first transatlantic cruises, the MILTON chaise-longue is folding and adjustable to three positions and can become a classical armchair thanks to its removable footrest.

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  • Cushion Colour White
  • Cushion Colour White
  • Cushion Colour Cord
  • Cushion Colour Dove Grey
  • Cushion Colour Grey
  • Cushion Colour Sky Blue
  • Cushion Colour Bright Blue
  • Cushion Colour Acid Green
  • Cushion Colour Orange
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  • Dimensions L64 x W160 x H103/H40 cm, 12 kg
  • Brand Unopiù
  • Designed by Unopiù
  • Fabrication Unopiù
  • Materials Structure: Teak, Fitting: Brass
  • Shipped from Italy
  • Lead Time 3-4 weeks