Special Coatings

Mirrored Chrome Effect Varnish

1k one-component varnish apt to be applied on different kind of support, like metals and metallic alloys, plastic polymers, wood, MDF and its composites, stones (through the employment of specific adhesion primers). With a final metallic effect, the new line of finishings Chrome Mirror is able to imitate the classic industrial chrome-plating on supports which so far could not go through this kind of metallization process, creating in this way new and endless solutions for the world of furniture, architecture and contract. High brightness, applicability on the main supports used at the industrial level, low costs, assured result.

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  • Brand Molteni Vernici
  • Collection Mirrored Chrome
  • Code
  • Materials applied on Metal, Plastic, Wood
  • Use Indoor, Outdoor
  • Made in Italy