Modern ORB Candle Holders Set CS2 Stainless Steel

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ORB is a set of seven metal candle holders stacked on top of one another to form a modern spherical sculpture. Designed to be functional, each candle holder has two sides to hold long and tealight candles. The collection comes in solid brass and stainless steel making it look charming in any interior setting as a series of seven candle holders or as a single sculpture.

"I think the universe is pure geometry - basically, a beautiful shape twisting around and dancing over space-time." - A. G. Lisi.

The name of the collection, the shape of the whole sculpture and the number candle holders are all inspired by the mystifying universe. Featured by immense and bizarre nature, it has always attracted people at all times. A celestial sphere, characterized by the ideal circular shape, is also manifested in the company name — NOOM — that is semantically associated with the reverse side of the Moon.

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  • Dimensions Ø15 x H15 Cm, 2.5 Kg
  • Brand Noom
  • Designed by Kateryna Sokolova
  • Fabrication Noom
  • Materials Stainless Steel
  • Shipped From Ukraine
  • Lead Time 5 Weeks