Moss Black Veins

Pigmented veining flows along the sides of the impasto, oriented by the action of gradual manual pressure, thus imbuing the charm of a minimal, frozen movement against vast neutral backgrounds. Easily adapted to the greatest gamut of design solutions, Veins generates a spatiality that is unencumbered by colors and oriented toward the play of light. Reminiscent of marble, of stone, of wood, of the mosses and lichens of Salento, of time that marks and makes its own the calcareous stone. The lines confound and cross casually, and after the various phases of processing, they declare themselves in their continuous beauty.

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  • Finishes Honed | Polished
  • Panel Sizes 10x10cm | 20x20cm | 30x30cm | 40x40cm | 60x60cm | 80x80cm | 60x30cm | 80x80cm
  • Thickness 1cm
  • Brand Paper Factor