De Castelli

Narnya Metal Cachepot

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A cachepot in ascending heights, all with one single diameter.‎ Five different proportions to explore a shape generally associated with vases, to be positioned freely or affixed to the ground.‎ The towering lines of the large-scale versions are naturally imposing, becoming a building within a building, defining the space and its paths.‎ Destined both for indoor and outdoor use, Narnya brings unmistakeable De Castelli finishes to domestic spaces or, in the lacquered version, blends in with its surroundings.‎

Conical metal cachepot.‎ Closed base for indoors or perforated base for outdoors.‎  Provided with an inner plastic pot to hold plants.‎ Fixing plate available on request.‎

Please choose variations:
  • Material D1 Satin stainless steel
  • Material D1 Satin stainless steel
  • Material D2 Polished stainless steel
  • Material D3 DeMaistral stainless steel
  • Material D6 Corten
  • Material D7 Corten cerato
  • Material G2 Orbitale DeLabré iron
  • Material D8 Ral 9010
  • Size Ø30 x H100 cm, 11.5kg
  • Size Ø30 x H100 cm, 11.5kg
  • Size Ø30 x H120 cm, 12 kg
  • Size Ø30 x H140 cm, 13 kg
  • Size Ø34,5 x H160 cm, 14 kg
  • Size Ø34,5 x H185 cm, 15kg
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  • Brand De Castelli
  • Designed by Albino Celato
  • Fabrication De Castelli
  • Materials Stainless Steel, Corten™, Maistral iron
  • Shipped from Italy
  • Lead Time 4 weeks