Navy Tub Chair

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The Navy and Navy Tub chairs have been designed for use in different rooms throughout the home. The solid frame – in rovere chiaro, rovere miele, rovere terra, rovere carbone and noce canaletto finishes – is paired with a softly and gently curving padded seat, which is even more cocooning on the Navy Tub version. They can be upholstered in a choice of fabric, imitation leather or extra leather.

Please choose variations:
  • Upholstery COF
  • Upholstery COF
  • Upholstery Category 1
  • Upholstery Category 2
  • Upholstery Category 3
  • Upholstery Category 4
  • Upholstery LAB Category
  • Upholstery Extra Leather
  • Frame Finish Rovere Chiaro Stain
  • Frame Finish Rovere Chiaro Stain
  • Frame Finish Rovere Miele Stain
  • Frame Finish Rovere Terra Stain
  • Frame Finish Rovere Carbone Stain
  • Frame Finish Noce Canaletto Stain
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  • Dimensions L54 x W57 x H80 cm, 8.92 kg
  • Brand Novamobili
  • Designed by Matteo Zorzenoni
  • Fabrication Novamobili
  • Materials Solid Wood, Fabric, Leather
  • Shipped from Italy
  • Lead time 5 weeks