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Nero Marquinia Liquid Ceramic Effect Varnish

Hybrid two-component 2k finishing, Wundaa™ is considered a real “liquid ceramic”, capable of modelling itself according to the shape and the dimensions of the applicable supports, such as the prepared raw wood and all the prepared metals. Thanks to a purely manual application, the new Liquid Ceramic Wundaa™ was created to get a myriad of variants and colour shades, which, like the waves’ foam, constantly repeat themselves on the whole surface, leaving the raw base (prepared with the specific primers) in antithesis to the rest, in a matt finishing. Suitable for indoor and outdoor employments (using the specific cycles), on wide and small surfaces (structures, stairs, lighting, furniture, tables, chairs, frames, furnishing accessories, handles, taps, accessories, furniture, panels, coverings, fashion accessories, contract, retail).

“A revolutionary colouring, designed to amaze the minds of internationally renowned Architects and Designers, to always create new geometries and formidable combinations. Nero Marquinia is the most enigmatic colour of the new WuundaTM collection, with a black background interrupted by essential white veins. Created to simply surprise.”

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  • Finish Matt
  • Brand Molteni Vernici
  • Collection Wundaa ™
  • Colour Nero Marquinia
  • Materials applied on Prepared Raw Wood & Prepared Metals
  • Use Indoor, Outdoor
  • Made in Italy