Ninfea Mirror Desk

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Ninfea is a desk with simple, elegant lines. A top with soft, rounded shapes sits on slender metal legs. The privacy screen, in fabric or extra leather, doubles as a little noticeboard for posting notes and documents on using magnets attracted to its metal inner. The desk, which has a handy undermounted drawer, is ideal for recreating a reading nook in the bedroom, has a dressing table-esque setup with its wooden caddy and circular mirror.

Top with drawer and caddies come in lacquered or veneered chipboard panel. Base and knob -painted metal with a bronze finish.

Mixed combinations of finishes are available for individual prices.

Please choose variations:
  • Top/Drawer/Caddy Finish Eco-wood
  • Top/Drawer/Caddy Finish Eco-wood
  • Top/Drawer/Caddy Finish Veneered
  • Top/Drawer/Caddy Finish Noce Canaletto
  • Top/Drawer/Caddy Finish Matt Lacquered
  • Top/Drawer/Caddy Finish Oxidized Lacquered
  • Privacy Screen Finish COF
  • Privacy Screen Finish COF
  • Privacy Screen Finish Category 1
  • Privacy Screen Finish Category 2
  • Privacy Screen Finish Category 3
  • Privacy Screen Finish Category 4
  • Privacy Screen Finish LAB Category
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  • Dimensions L121.5 x W61.5 x H131.7 cm, 42.88 kg
  • Brand Novamobili
  • Designed by Zanellato/Bortotto
  • Fabrication Novamobili
  • Materials Veneer, Eco-wood, Metal, Glass
  • Shipped from Italy
  • Lead time 5 weeks