Morghen Studio

November Tango

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The November Tango is a study about the torsional motion of a linear shape in space. Made from Silicone, Resin, Polyurethane and Aluminium this light is a free shape that adds personality to the room. It looks as though it is frozen in time and because it is hung with a slipknot this piece can rotate freely. It is a truly beautiful and hand made piece.

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  • Dimensions L50 x W50 x H100 cm
  • Brand Morghen Studio
  • Designed by Morghen Studio
  • Fabrication Morghen Studio
  • Material Aluminium, Polyurethane, Resin, Silicone, LED Light
  • Specifications strip led SMD 2216 - 34 w - 2.700 k - 2.000 lm
  • Shipped From Milan, Italy
  • Lead time 4 weeks