Elisa Atheniense Home

Ocean Soft Living Basket Rectangular

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The Ocean Basket is carefully knitted within a trained community of women that found in their craft a way to provide for their families, each one of these cushions and throws is unique.

Elisa Atheniense Home soft indoors collection is made with natural cotton fibres, eco-friendly, handwoven or elaborated using traditional hand-loom techniques. The use of organic materials brings softness and comfort to the space. This collection combines their mission for responsible sourcing and manufacturing.

The basket is made of cotton hand woven in metal base, made in Brazil. Please enquire for more information and see colour chart for reference.

Please choose variations:
  • Colour Off White
  • Colour Off White
  • Colour Anthracite
  • Colour Pale Blush
  • Colour Taupe
  • Colour Navy Blue
  • Colour Light Blue
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  • Dimensions L42 x W34 x H20 cm
  • Brand Elisa Atheniense Home
  • Designed by Elisa Atheniense
  • Fabrication Elisa Atheniense Home
  • Materials Cotton, Metal Base, Leather
  • Shipped from Brazil
  • Lead time 2-3 months