Omega Stool 1

Designed By Toni Grilo

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It is only used cork of the branches (falca) for the manufacture of cork granules. These are block clusters in autoclave, being 100% natural process, without use of additives. Technology, developed by Sofalca, consists of injecting water vapour through the pallets that will expand and agglutinate with the resins of the cork itself. This "cooking" gives also dark colour to the agglomerated cork, like chocolate. In the production of steam I used biomass, obtained on milling and cleaning the falca, what makes it truly ecological production and without waste, 95% energy self-sufficient. As a super-material, cork offers so many advantages, because in addition to its excellent thermic, acoustic insulation and anti vibration characteristic, it is also a CO2 sink playing a key-role in the environment.

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  • Dimensions L32 x W33 x H51 Cm
  • Brand Blackcork
  • Designed By Toni Grilo
  • Fabrication Blackcork
  • Materials Cork, Ash Wood
  • Shipped From Portugal
  • Lead Time 2-4 Weeks