Originals Counter Stool

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The Ercol Originals are pieces of timeless and classic design that never date or show their age. It is furniture that is as relevant and as functional now as it was when it was created in the 1950s and 1960s. This furniture was designed by Ercol’s founder, Lucian Ercolani, who drew for his inspiration on the time-proven local design and craft in the Chiltern Hills around where he lived and built his first factory in 1920 in High Wycombe. Using the strength of beech and the beauty of elm he carried this definition on into a huge variety of dining, kitchen, and school chairs and then extended the idiom into the low easy chair range epitomised by the 206 armchair and the studio couch. The beauty of the colour and the grain of the elm took Lucian on to use elm for the tables and cabinets of the Originals and the following Windsor range. Choose from a selection of wood lacquers as well as an assortment of bold coloured finishes, this bar stool will in compliment any home and is ideal for use at a breakfast bar. This bar stool is 65cm high and features tapered legs, a feature characteristic of the Windsor design. The solid ash seat is moulded for added comfort. An alternative 75cm high version is also available – model number 4667. A feature of this bar stool is the classic Windsor wedge joint, where the leg of the chair goes right through the seat; a wedge is then inserted into a cut in the leg, forming a remarkably strong joint. Sanded off flush with the seat, the joint then provides a beautiful design element. This stool was originally made in very small numbers in our jig shop for use by our designers in the days when designers used pencil and paper and sat at drawing boards.

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  • Dimensions 39x37x65 cm
  • Brand Ercol
  • Designed by Lucian R Ercolani
  • Fabrication Ercol
  • Materials Wood, Ash
  • Shipped from England
  • Lead time 5-7 weeks