De Castelli

Painting Screen

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A large screen designed as a theatre curtain represents imaginary natural landscapes on both sides: a night sky and the outline of a series of hills.‎ The chromatic variations obtained thanks to the different surface oxidations resemble the colours of a painting on canvas, with the resulting image becoming a stage backdrop.‎ Brushed copper and DeLabré brass shape the outlines of a distant space, while the textural black of the sheet metal juxtaposes with the airy verdigris in the imaginative construction of a changing landscape.‎

Free-standing screen covered in metal on both sides.‎ Limited edition.‎

MATERIALS D2 Polished stainless steel - G1 DeLabré natural black iron - G3 Orbitale DeLabré brass - E13 Polished brass - M9 Brushed brass - G11 Ruby copper - F7 Verdigris

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  • Dimensions L212 x W63 x H190, 125 kg
  • Packaging Dimensions L200 x W80 x H40, 150 kg
  • Brand De Castelli
  • Designed by Alessandra Baldereschi
  • Fabrication De Castelli
  • Materials Iron, Brass, Copper
  • Shipped from Italy
  • Lead time 4 weeks