Kajsa Willner

Paper Basket

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When experimenting with the properties of the material the designer discovered that when wettening the paper, and thereby softening its fibers, it makes the sheet capable of compression moulding without breaking. When thereafter letting the paper dry and solidify it retains its chubby crumpled form from the press, a form that usually isn ́t associated with a paper sheet. Paper basket is a recycled and recyclable storage product produced in limited edition by the designer using a handmade moulding press.

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  • Designer / Brand Studio Kajsa Willner
  • Fabrication Studio Kajsa Willner
  • Design Kajsa Willner
  • Shipped From Sweeden
  • Materials Recycled paper, eco-friendly varnish
  • Dimensions Width: 27 height: 32 length: 27
  • Manufactured in Sweeden
  • Stock Made to Order