Piloti 6750 Stone Coffee Table

Designed By Hugo Passos

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With its simple, unadorned silhouette and slender profile, Piloti in stone exudes a unique kind of elegance. The extra appeal is all about the subtle detailing of the table top´s edge ensuring a seamless transition to the legs which merge into a balanced entity. The impression is a single line floating on four delicate legs. The Piloti stone tables all have the same height, which makes them ideal to place individually or together in a space to create a sense of continuity.

Adding to Piloti’s tangible materiality is our Piloti Stone variant, featuring a stone table top supported by steel legs. Each table top is one-of-a-kind, with its own subtle differences in surface patterns and tonalities. We’ve applied our expertise in craftsmanship to create a unique profile never seen before in this type of stone table. The sleek marble top transitions gracefully with the sturdy cylindrical legs. The result is a seamless visual impression that makes Piloti in Stone an ideal statement piece, whether for private homes, hotels or executive settings.

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  • Dimensions L75 x W75 x H35 Cm, 60 Kg
  • Brand Fredericia
  • Designed By Hugo Passos
  • Fabrication Fredericia
  • Materials Stone, Steel
  • Shipped From Denmark
  • Lead Time 5-6 Weeks