Podest Atelier Sideboard

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The sideboard family is based on the 'Modulor' proportions system developed by Le Corbusier. The proportion is a deliberate attempt to replace the rigidity of symmetry with an asymmetrical arrangement that feels correct.

The extent to which details in furniture can change is proven by the new under-frame version Atelier for our sideboards. The 25 cm trestle-like construction was developed for the LOW, PODEST and SIDE. The new legs give the concept a contemporary, crafty, appealing look. And it is also a higher alternative to the previous versions.

The Podest Atelier sideboard is available in white oiled ash, oiled oak, oiled knotty oak, colour stained oak, oiled American cherry, oiled American walnut and oiled European walnut.

The drawer is comb jointed and has fully extendable runners, and solid hornbeam is used for the interior parts. Mirror-inverted is available at an additional charge and also the flap is available instead of the drawer upon request.

For colour stained oak options, please refer to the catalogue.

Please choose variations:
  • Material White Oiled Ash
  • Material White Oiled Ash
  • Material Oiled Oak
  • Material Oiled Knotty Oak
  • Material Colour Stained Oak
  • Material American Cherry
  • Material American Walnut
  • Material European Walnut
  • Dimensions L120 x W48 x H48 cm
  • Dimensions L120 x W48 x H48 cm
  • Dimensions L174 x W48 x H48 cm
  • Dimensions L228 x W48 x H48 cm
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  • Dimensions L120 x W48 x H48 cm | L174 x W48 x H48 cm | L228 x W48 x H48 cm
  • Brand Zeitraum
  • Designed by Formstelle
  • Fabrication Zeitraum
  • Materials Solid Wood
  • Shipped from Germany
  • Lead time 6-8 weeks