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Proto Pouf

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Proto is a series of curved, upholstered chairs, sofas, benches and stools, working as a dynamic dwelling, referencing huts more than rooms with four walls. The way +Halle and Ross developed the design of the upholstery together for the Proto collection contributed to a qualitative, tailored and comforting finish.

As the intuition is to turn the seats, the collection proofs an interesting flexible landscape of open and closed encounters. The installation of Proto is not only fundamentally adaptable to its context but also flexible to any environment—a testament that the use of Proto is constantly evolving.

The structure of Proto pouf is made of plywood and cut foam.

For upholstery options, please refer to the catalogue. - Revive, Step and Step Melange upholstery options in Group 1 are not suitable for this version.

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  • Upholstery Group 1
  • Upholstery Group 1
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  • Upholstery COM / COL
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  • Dimensions Ø61 x H45 cm, 12 kg
  • Brand +Halle
  • Designed by Nick Ross
  • Fabrication +Halle
  • Materials Plywood, Foam, Fabric, Leather
  • Shipped from Denmark
  • Lead time 6-7 weeks