Rail Table

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With its connectable modular components, RAIL offers a range of tables that can be combined to create structured spaces in offices, studios or agencies. Jointless tabletops and movable trestles define the system’s ‚studio‘ character.

Quickly and easily extendable, RAIL allows for flexible interior concepts and for functional, personalised workplaces. RAIL’s light and studio-like appearance can also be transferred to the home: in a few simple steps, the conference table can be turned into a large dining table for the home. Conference tables connected in a row or large double tables for project work: RAIL responds easily to many different work situations and needs and is always ready for change.

RAIL table comes in ash, oak, oak colour stain, knotty oak, American walnut or in birch Multiplex with Linoleum on both sides (4176 mushroom, 4185 powder, 4184 olive or 4178 iron), with visible Multiplex edge. Surface is impregnated with natural oils and waxes. For contract use, DD-lacquer finish is proposed.

Extension leaf is 50 cm in length and can be added from both sides for additional charge. Connections such as full length, square, trapezoidal tabletops, corner legs or trestles are also available upon request.

Please choose variations:
  • Dimensions L140 x W60 cm
  • Dimensions L140 x W60 cm
  • Dimensions L160 x W60 cm
  • Dimensions L180 x W60 cm
  • Dimensions L200 x W60 cm
  • Dimensions L220 x W60 cm
  • Dimensions L160 x W90 cm
  • Dimensions L180 x W90 cm
  • Dimensions L200 x W90 cm
  • Dimensions L220 x W90 cm
  • Dimensions L180 x W110 cm
  • Dimensions L200 x W110 cm
  • Dimensions L220 x W110 cm
  • Dimensions L240 x W110 cm
  • Material Birch Multiplex
  • Material Birch Multiplex
  • Material White Oiled Ash
  • Material Oiled Oak
  • Material Oiled Knotty Oak
  • Material Colour Stained Oak
  • Material American Walnut
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  • Dimensions L140, 160, 180, 200, 220 × W60 x H75 cm | L160, 180, 200, 220 x W90 x H75 cm | L 180, 200, 220, 240 x W110 x H75 cm
  • Brand Zeitraum
  • Designed by Kaschkasch
  • Fabrication Zeitraum
  • Materials Solid Wood
  • Shipped from Germany
  • Lead time 6-8 weeks