Recycled Glass

Recycled Glass Panels Green

Artisan sustainable fused recycled glass panels for interior and architectural installations using only end-consumer glass bottles.

The decorative glass pieces are made from 100% waste glass bottles and are a truly sustainable option for your interior. All cut to size and edge polished for a luxurious finish.

End-consumer glass bottles are collected, cleaned and crushed before the broken glass is placed in a kiln fused into one large panel. The glass goes through a specially developed firing schedule that transforms the glass into a marble-like material that no longer looks or behaves like glass.

Available in several colours and textures. Glass panels can be customised to have a hydrophobic anti-fingerprint coating, bevelled and polished edges, or made using waterjet technology.

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  • Material Recycled glass
  • Size 900mm x 700mm
  • Thickness 7mm to 25mm (+/-2mm)
  • Colours White, Green, Blue, Amber
  • Made in UK