Red Piano

The most versatile of the paper pulp skins, Piano implies a handmade nature revealed in a subtle and elegant manner through its surfaces polished by machine. The leveling action of a pantograph acts on the material, stretched by hand and then dried, bringing out unusual and fascinating aesthetic games. "Available" in all color interpretations, Piano is the most minimalist of the paper pulp surfaces: its smooth skin, susceptible to the slightest imperfections, is an excellent starting point for establishing the discourses of the most diverse spaces, whether on a small or large scale.

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  • Finishes Honed | Polished
  • Panel Sizes 10x10cm | 20x20cm | 30x30cm | 40x40cm | 60x60cm | 80x80cm | 60x30cm | 80x40cm
  • Thickness 1cm
  • - Made in Italy
  • Brand Paper Factor