Recycled Plastic

Rhinestone White

Instead of wasting it, Plasticiet turns plastic into something beautiful and functional. Large volumes of plastic waste are processed and transformed into a sustainable material again. With a visual language inspired by the primal beauty of natural stone, Plasticiet creates building blocks that can be used for a wide range of applications.

The new age material is born, combining Italian chic with modern day fresh funk. The coloured rhinestones find their origin in the urban mines of Belgium, collected by Suez and sorted with their state of the art infrared scanner.

Bespoke colours available.

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  • Dimensions L8 x H8 cm + extra margin (≈ 3cm)
  • Finish Matt
  • Material LDPE - HDPE
  • Brand Plasticiet
  • Thickness 0.7cm
  • Stiffness Low
  • UV Resistance High
  • Moisture absorbtion Minimal