Rino Sharpener

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A pear wood lead sharpener that becomes a refined presence thanks to its assertive form. The surprise is the lack of the classic inclined plane on which to attach the blade. The unit looks like a perfect wooden block with a single hole on one side into which to insert the lead. A special hollow makes room for the blade, and also collects the graphite powder, preventing it from scattering on the desktop.

For leads mm.3,2 / 5,6 by Neri collection.Supplied with gift-box packaging.

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  • Packaging dimensions L4,5 x W1,8 x H5 cm
  • Brand InternoItaliano
  • Designed by Giulio Iacchetti, Dano Gaudio
  • Fabrication InternoItaliano
  • Materials Pear wood
  • Shipped from Italy
  • Lead time 4 weeks