Metal Coatings


Cycle of painting in imitation of the crossed fabrics in several colorations, it gives light and softness to the treated support. Product available in the polished or in the mat version, bright, with a very high adhesion and resistance on metals and metal alloys, plastic polymers, MDF, wood and composites through the employment of specific adhesion primers and applicative cycles. Resistant against the main cleaning products and food, non-yellowing, anti-usury, anti-touch. Apt both for interior employments (outlines, furniture complements, structures, accessories, handles), and for outdoor employments (windows and doors, facades, architecture, structures).

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  • Brand Molteni Vernici
  • Collection Metal Fabrics Shadow
  • Code 18810
  • Use Indoor, Outdoor
  • Materials applied on Metal, Plastic, Wood
  • - Made in Italy