Rusty Effect, the revolution of shapes, thoughts and colours. A new way of making design, rediscovering in a modern way all trends and fashion with that vintage and retrò taste which only the past and the tradition of the real Made in Italy style can remember. A new style with architectural and stylistic features, which transforms the defect in the major detail, a detail that is able to make the difference. In other terms, a unique and unmistakable style, a part of the most modern trend, which transforms the result of years and years of attempt into a new ultra-modern interpretation: the effect of the rust as never seen before, as a must of the new fashion trends. Fields like architecture, interior design, contract, retail, shop fitting and home design, like the world of accessories, small objects’ production and fashion industry rediscover theirselves starting from the purest history.

Created from new generation’s hybrid resins, the special finishings of the series Rusty Effect have been studied to be one-coat products, just in order to be applied in short times and with low costs on every kind of metal, plastic or wooden support (with the employment of specific adhesion primers). The new finishings Rusty Effect are able to perfectly reproduce the typical iron’s oxidation both from the visual and from the tactile point of view.

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  • Shades Rusty Corten A - 17395
  • Shades Rusty Corten A - 17395
  • Shades Rusty Ruggine Chimico - 17403
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  • Brand Molteni Vernici
  • Collection Rusty
  • Code 17395, 17403
  • Use Indoor, Outdoor
  • Materials applied on Metal, Plastic, Wood
  • - Made in Italy