101 Copenhagen

Set of 4 Sphere Vase Bulb Mini

Designed By Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl

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The Sphere series celebrates unique silhouettes and textures that makes an impact with the decorative charm of the series which consists of vases, bowls and a coffee table in different shapes and sizes.‎ Elegantly sculpted, each is finished in intricate ornate detailing.‎ Combine with petals from fresh summer blooms or stand alone to create a commanding focal point in the heart of your interior.‎

Hand glazed natural product therefore the colours may variate.‎ Not waterproof safe.‎

Please choose variations:
  • Colours Coffee
  • Colours Coffee
  • Colours Light Grey
  • Colours Dark Grey
  • Colours Ocher
  • Colours Taupe
  • Colours Rifled (Coffee)
  • Colours Terracotta
  • Colours Bubble White
  • Colours Sand
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  • Dimensions L14 x W6 x H19 Cm, 0.4 Kg
  • Brand 101 Copenhagen
  • Designed By Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl
  • Fabrication 101 Copenhagen
  • Materials 100% Ceramic
  • Shipped From Denmark
  • Lead Time 2 Weeks