Smuk Sofa

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The Smuk sofa is a comfort-oriented design with a wealth of size options, where the solidity of the elements blends well with the ergonomically designed forms. Here, the structurless armrests and back flare out elegantly, like the corolla of a flower, to accommodate the structure's cushions.

Made up of modular sections, Smuk can be put together in different configurations, providing multiple seating solutions. It comes in straight and corner versions. The sofa comes in removable fabric, leather and imitation leather. Fabrics can be mixed within the same, but not different, categories.

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  • Dimensions L180 x W90 x H88 cm
  • Dimensions L180 x W90 x H88 cm
  • Dimensions L210 x W90 x H88 cm
  • Dimensions L240 x W90 x H88 cm
  • Upholstery COF
  • Upholstery COF
  • Upholstery Category 1
  • Upholstery Category 2
  • Upholstery Category 3
  • Upholstery Category 4
  • Upholstery LAB Category
  • Upholstery Leather
  • Upholstery Extra Leather
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  • Dimensions L180 x W90 x H88 cm, 86 kg I L210 x W90 x H88 cm, 100 kg I L240 x W90 x H88 cm, 114 kg
  • Brand Novamobili
  • Designed by Studio Gherardi
  • Fabrication Novamobili
  • Materials Wood, Fabric, Faux Leather, Leather
  • Shipped from Italy
  • Lead time 5 weeks