Haidée Drew

Soane Brow Vase

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The winning ‘Collar’ Vase part of the Soane Collection has been cast partly from a 3D printed replica of Sir john Soane’s Bust, The aptly named ‘Collar’ Vase is a fragment of Sir John Soane’s Collar. This heavy vase is made from White Marble Jesmonite. The material subtly glistens and sparkles in the light. Collar Vase dramatically contrasts between the flowing organic replica of the fragment, and the angular facades that attribute its function.

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  • Designer/Brand Haidee Drew
  • Fabrication Haidee Drew
  • Design Haidee Drew
  • Material Cast Marble Jesmonite
  • Dimensions Width: 11 height: 15 length: 12
  • Produced in London
  • Shipped from U.K.
  • Lead Time 2 weeks
  • Stock Made to Order