Square Cotto Tiles Decorations

Other Decorations Possible are:

E59 Cerchio, B11 Provenzale, G40 Mughetto, E23 Nemo, E45 Canestrello, G22 Neve,

G41 Orione, C74 Quadrifoglio, E26 Rombetti, G23 Prisma, E29 Viola, G21 Chicchi,

E22 Narciso, C73 Rosa Piccola Liberty, E27 Asterischi

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  • Finish Matt/Gloss
  • Material Cotto Del Mugello
  • Use Outdoor, Indoor
  • Dimensions 10x10cm, 15x15cm, 30x30cm, 40x40cm
  • Colours Full range available
  • Bespoke Available Each tile is bespoke and made to order, for more details please contact us directly at bespoke@matterofstuff.com
  • - Made in Italy