Squirrel Cage Pendant Light

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Combining the iconic, industrial-style Squirrel Cage bulb with a Tala pendant. This single pendant light is a strong addition to any home, workspace or venue.

With an iron-tint glass finish and exposed filament design, the Squirrel Cage emits a warm, amber hue.

Paired with the Brass, Graphite, Oak or Walnut pendant, this is a ready-made lighting fixture all in one.

Connect to one of our recommended dimmers for maximum performance.

Features – Dimmable – Iconic bulb shape – Energy-efficient, LED technology – Iron-tinted glass finish – Available with a Brass, Graphite, Oak or Walnut pendant – 3 metre length cord for maximum versatility

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  • Materials Brass
  • Materials Brass
  • Materials Graphite
  • Materials Oak
  • Materials Walnut
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  • Dimensions L8 x W2.5 x H300 cm, Bulb: Ø6.4 x H14 cm, 0.5 kg
  • Brand Tala
  • Designed by Tala
  • Fabrication Tala
  • Materials Brass | Graphite | Oak | Walnut, Glass
  • Specifications 3W, 210 Lumens, 2200K
  • Shipped From London
  • Lead Time 3-5 business days