Catellani & Smith

Stchu-Moon SR Ceiling Lamp

Designed By Enzo Catellani

Price on Request

Stchu-Moon separates the light source from the lighting object, which takes on its own aesthetic quality as a result. The light is refracted off deliberately irregular surfaces, which multiplies their quantity, making the entire object a glowing light.

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Request Information
  • Dimensions Hemisphere Ø60, 80, 120 Cm
  • Brand Catellani & Smith
  • Designed By Enzo Catellani
  • Fabrication Catellani & Smith
  • Materials Aluminium or Fibreglass Hemisphere with Internal Irregular Surface Lined with Gold/Silver/Copper Coloured Leaf; Matt Black Exterior, Steel Spoon Lamp Holder
  • Specifications Driver 24V DC Low Voltage 220-240V Triac Dimmable
  • Shipped From Italy
  • Lead Time 2-3 Weeks