J. & L. Lobmeyr

Still Copper Cup - Set of 6

Designed By Studio Formafantasma

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What are the true luxury goods of today? For us, it’s not glitter, gold, or heavy cut crystal vases. People of today need carefully designed and well-crafted objects. Pure drinking water is a treasure and this drinking set – STILL – reminds us to cherish and enjoy our world’s most important resource. Formafantasma didn’t come back with a single piece, but instead with a series that tells an evocative story.

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  • Dimensions Ø9.2 x H6.5 Cm
  • Brand Lobmeyr
  • Designed By Studio Formafantasma
  • Fabrication Lobmeyr
  • Materials Copper
  • Shipped From Austria
  • Lead Time 6-8 Weeks