Stone Modular Sofa

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Stone is a new system of modular sofas with simple, easy shapes but rich in elements and with enough assembling choice to fulfill the needs of the widest range of public areas.‎ Soft and comfortable, they draw upon the roundness of stones honed by flowing water, and come in a wide range of upholstery.‎ Stone sofas are available in many variants and can either stand alone or set in cleft to enhance their elegance, are available in two heights: one is suitable for hotel contracting, waiting rooms and public areas while the other is more suited for catering areas, bars and cafes.‎ The system is also complemented by a full set of matching tables: free-standing or end-tables, with twoT-shaped legs or a single central base, in lacquered mdf, full-colour or laminate.‎

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Request Information
  • Brand Tacchini
  • Designed by Pearson Lloyd
  • Fabrication Tacchini
  • Materials Fabric, Leather
  • Shipped from Italy
  • Lead time 12-14 weeks