Recycled Terrazzo

Stripes 1 Modular Terrazzo Tiles

MODULO is a design system based on marble graniglia tiles consisting of 9 polygonal modules, 6 linear modules and 3 shaped modules. It is a re-visitation with a contemporary taste of Venetian terrazzo floor tradition. This is not only a design-versatile collection, but also a high decorative value collection that matches perfectly with different interior design styles.

The available palettes are two, each standing out for the range of colours and the size of the marble elements included in the mix. Mix/L is rather chromatically versatile and the marble elements are smaller. In turn, Tone/XL stands out for uniform hues and greater marble chips’ size. The material is supplied in Matt finish.

Stripes 1 is a composition made of the Shaped 60/30×15 cm module.

Colours and sizes are fully customisable to meet any request.

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Request Information
  • Modules Dimensions Shaped 60/30×15 cm
  • Finish Matt
  • Material Graniglia
  • Use Indoor, Outdoor
  • Collection Modulo
  • Brand MIPA
  • Made in Italy