Synthesis Left Chaise-Longue Module

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Synthesis is a rich, versatile line characterized by the original combination of teak and synthetic fibre. This union creates a unique large mesh product, creating an elegant collection of pure designs.

Structure: teak and Synthetic fibre WaProLace® wicker natural. Cushions: removable covers in 100% acrylic fabric, Diamante.

Please choose variations:
  • Cushion Colour White
  • Cushion Colour White
  • Cushion Colour Cord
  • Cushion Colour Dove Grey
  • Cushion Colour Grey
  • Cushion Colour Sky Blue
  • Cushion Colour Bright Blue
  • Cushion Colour Acid Green
  • Cushion Colour Orange
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  • Dimensions L160 x W100 x H65/H42, 15 kg
  • Brand Unopiù
  • Designed by Unopiù
  • Fabrication Unopiù
  • Materials Teak, Synthetic fibre WaProLace® wicker natural, 100% acrylic fabric
  • Shipped From Italy
  • Lead Time 3-4 weeks