Catellani & Smith

Syphasera Outdoor Standing Lamp

Designed By Enzo Catellani

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Enzo Catellani has designed his first collection of outdoor lights for Catellani & Smith in response to the trend that, over the years, has seen living spaces move outside into terraces and gardens, creating extensions of the house. Enzo Catellani’s main goal was to create a collection of indoor lamps suitable for outdoor installation; lighting fixtures created for the outside, but able to recreate the same warmth and atmosphere as indoor lights. Glass plays a starring role in this collection. This is how were developed Syphasera , Syphasfera (both lamps in cooperation with Arch. Maurizio Quargnale) and Syphaduepassi, which, thanks to their minimal design, integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment, as if they were part of nature itself.

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  • Dimensions H65 Cm (Cable 225 Cm)
  • Dimensions H65 Cm (Cable 225 Cm)
  • Dimensions H80 Cm (Cable 240 Cm)
  • Dimensions H110 Cm (Cable 210 Cm)
  • Dimensions H140 Cm (Cable 180 Cm)
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  • Dimensions Cylinder Ø1.5 x H21 Cm | H65 Cm (Cable 255 Cm) | H80 Cm (Cable 240 Cm) | H110 Cm (Cable 210 Cm) | H140 Cm (Cable180 Cm)
  • Brand Catellani & Smith
  • Designed By Enzo Catellani
  • Fabrication Catellani & Smith
  • Materials Opaline Glass, Brass
  • Specifications 12V DC Transformer not Included
  • Shipped From Italy
  • Lead Time 2-3 Weeks