Taburet Stool

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Taburet is a stool with a three­dimensional seat made of birch bark strips, sewn and fixed together on a steel frame. The stable, light, and elastic meshwork creates an optical illusion – appearing different from every angle – cushioning the stool in a decorative and comfortable way.

Unlike in traditional craftsmanship, we make our products from the naturally velvety back of the birch bark. This is a modern adaptation of conventional processing and is used extensively in the design of the stool. We deliberately chose the lighter inner layers of the bark to celebrate the graphic grain and colouring of each piece. Every object is thus one of a kind, representing a unique product of nature, which is emphasised by contrasting colour accents. High quality is ensured by elaborate craftsmanship and careful material selection.

Height 45 cm | 33 x 33 cm Birchbark, powder-coated steel

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  • Legs Colour Graphite
  • Legs Colour Graphite
  • Legs Colour Mint
  • Legs Colour Orange
  • Legs Colour Rosa
  • Legs Colour White
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  • Dimensions L33 x W33 x H45 cm, 10 kg
  • Brand Moya
  • Designed by Anastasiya Koschcheeva
  • Fabrication Moya
  • Materials Birch Bark, Powder-Coated Steel
  • Shipped From Berlin
  • Lead Time 4-6 Weeks