Taro 6141 Dining Table

Designed By Jasper Morrison

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Taro is a series of solid oak tables created with a strong focus on daily function and use, whether in the kitchen, dining area or meeting room. With machined grooves along its length, the table top resembles a traditional plank table, but has been executed in a refined and knotless selection of oak that will acquire the most beautiful patina.

Useful, understated, responsible design is an ongoing theme for Jasper Morrison. Seen in his focus on contemporary archetypes reduced to their functional essentials, as part of his definition of good design. Such is the case with our Taro Tables. Instead of starting with the purpose of a wood table, the starting point was finding a purpose for the wood itself.

Inspiration came from the premium grade quarter sawn oak at our Fredericia factory, used for many of our most compelling furniture designs, such as The Spanish Chair. The timber comes from trees aged upwards of 150 years, so maximising the most appealing planks while minimising wastage was a high priority.

The Taro Tables exude the natural appeal of oak, which will patinate beautifully over time, in a simple design that’s unassuming yet appealing. Whether round or rectangular, for residential dining or corporate meetings, Taro commands attention with its solidity and stunning natural patterns of the wood grain.

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  • Dimensions Ø140 x H73 Cm, 53 Kg
  • Brand Fredericia
  • Designed By Jasper Morrison
  • Fabrication Fredericia
  • Materials Wood
  • Shipped From Denmark
  • Lead Time 5-6 Weeks