Clay Plaster

TerraCalix Structured

Clay and lime finishing plaster for vertical surfaces.

TerraCalix is available in 2 different versions: Smooth and Structured.

Bespoke and Plus finishes of each version of this product are also available. Among them Plus continuous surfaces feature added products such as synthetic resins (or polymers) which give more resistance to the product in damp or outdoor environments.

TerraCalix is available in each of Matteo Brioni’ 14 different colours or can be customized on request.

Gallery of images:

(1) Nia Boutique in Rome by MORQ made with TerraCalix Structured Custom, photos by Giulio Aristide

(2) TerraCalix Cipria Structured

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Request Information
  • Thickness 2/3 mm
  • Finish Fine Grain
  • Use Indoor, Walls
  • Textures Smooth, Structured
  • Colours 14 Colours (see attached image)
  • Brand Matteo Brioni
  • Waterproof Coating Available
  • Bespoke Available