Clay Plaster

TerraEvoca Tweed

TerraEvoca is a totally bespoke wall finishes created by Matteo Brioni. It generates tactile surfaces where light get into a full symbiosis with clay. Its uniqueness in the clay plastic modelling technique comes from the expertise of Matteo Brioni’s master craftsmen. It’s exclusive in the true sense of the word as it is a fully customized decoration that makes each wall application unrepeatable but always wonderful. Matteo Brioni’s TerraEvoca is created applying on wall or boiserie multiple natural clay layers: it starts from a minimum of two layers up to six. It is proposed into four main variants: Damasco, Floreal, Travertino and Tweed but its realization could be adapted in order to completely intercept the customer’s requests.

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  • Finish Bespoke texture
  • Collection TerraEvoca
  • Colour All 14 standard colours
  • Use Vertical surfaces
  • - Made in Italy