Clay Plaster

TerraSilk Structured

TerraSilk is a natural clay paint. Easy to apply and an economical solution for wide areas also very useful when restoring damaged Matteo Brioni surfaces.

TerraSilk is available in 3 different versions: Smooth, Structured and Wabi.

Bespoke finishes of each version of this product are also available.

TerraSilk is available in each of Matteo Brioni’s 14 different colours or can be customised on request.

Gallery of Images:

(1) Casa Nuda apartment by MORQ made with TerraCalix Smooth Panna on vertical surfaces and ceilings, TerraTon Wall Smooth Plus Cacao in the bathrooms and TerraSilk Structured PepeNero applied in some details, photo by Giulio Aristide and Simone Bossi

(2) TerraSilk Cipria Structured

Request Information
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Request Information
  • Thickness 2/3 mm
  • Finish Fine Grain
  • Use Indoor, Walls
  • Textures Smooth, Structured, Wabi
  • Colours 14 Colours (see attachment)
  • Brand Matteo Brioni
  • Bespoke Available